Dani Isaily returns to release her latest single entitled “Jackie Brown”, affectionately named after the drug-smuggling boss lady in Quentin Tarantino's award-winning 1997 thriller.


If you’ve seen the movie, be well aware that the song will match its ferocity and brashness. Dani’s vocals provide effortless amounts of dynamic in this track, ranging from feminine to sexy to downright vehement as she sings the addicting hook “Bad bitch, Jackie Brown”. This fiery blend of vocals poured over a bold, synth-heavy beat creates the perfect homage to Jackie Brown herself whilst still showcasing Dani’s fervent personality and artistry.


This is Isaily’s second single, following “Lawless” which was released in March of this year. Both “Lawless” and “Jackie Brown” will be featured on her debut EP Disrupt, which is set to release during the month of November. "Jackie Brown" is available on Spotify and Apple Music.


Photographer: Tracy Ko

Write up: Liv Upstone

Models: Dani Isaily, Prosper

Wardrobe for Jackie Brown: KJ, Dani Isaily

Wardrobe for Ordell: Kristopher Kites, Prosper

Stylist: KJ, Dani Isaily


How does the character of Jackie Brown inspire you?

Well, first off let me Issa this question and say Jackie Brown is black. But to add, I can’t recall many black women in Tarantino type of movies. Jackie is badass but calm, sexy but not sexualized, and Jackie makes her own terms and conditions. I’ve always been so inspired by intelligent women that speak their mind and Jackie Brown does that in a calming and eloquent way that I have not mastered just yet. I’m still the bitch cussing out every bully and racist and the list goes on. But I’ll get there.  


What do you think the film represents for women?

I think it represents power and intelligence. The main character is a woman who was fucked over by a confident man and Jackie Brown figures out a plan all on her own how to get out of the bad situation he has put her in, on top of coming out with more than she came in with. She does all that while keeping her cool. I hope when everyone woman watches Jackie Brown they feel empowered and realizes we are naturally badass yet comforting. We are so blessed with complexity. 


Why have you chosen to pay homage to Jackie Brown?

I think I had just watched the movie for the first time right before I went out to LA to go record for this project. I just got out of the studio and I was at my producer Jason’s house and he was really just messing around making a beat for a rapper. I was joking and said out loud “got yo nigga on my phone bitch. He told me text me when I’m home bitch.” Jason was like that shit is hot but I was trying to figure out how I could make this like me because I’m not that type of girl. I’m the girl that tells you your man is cheating. So I continued the song from there with that narrative. Then it came to the hook and I kept singing “bad bitch” and I eventually thought of Jackie Brown. In the movie she takes money from Ordell but gives a small cut to the girl living with him that he doesn’t treat well and Jackie doesn’t even know her. I would do some shit like that. 


How would you interpret the film?

I’m not the best interpreter because I’m very detailed and talk a lot but I’ll try. Jackie Brown is a movie that teaches you to trust your initiation and act on it. And I think that is a very hard but important lesson to master. 


Jackie Brown was originally meant to be played by a white woman but at last minute change saw Pam Grier become the strong female heroine. What kind of impact do you think this had on African American women in film?

 I’m sure it was a win for them. Jackie Brown was released 1997 and it is now 2017 and we still have a lack of black women in film and black movies BUT that doesn’t mean we have a lack of talent. There just aren’t many opportunities for different roles. Quintin probably helped other filmmakers, directors and writers to see that not only can black women be cast and kill a role other than ghetto or a drug dealer’s mom or girlfriend but people actually enjoy watching them play these roles. 


Kangol Hats, hoops and cat eye frames. Would you consider Jackie Brown a style icon?

Oh absolutely! This is why I decided to recreate some of her looks. She was so simple and chic and definitely stood out. The red dress with the sunglasses is my favorite look. I think everyone woman looks good in red. 


How would you explain your latest single “Jackie Brown”?

 The production is harder than any of the other songs on the project and it’s definitely the turn up song. The song is about a guy, who already has a girlfriend, trying to get with me so I let the girl know and tell her “Ride out with me let’s go catch him. Ride out with me let’s disrupt shit now.” It’s my Who Run The World song lol. Almost every time me and my friends go out we turn up to this song in the Uber. 


Can you describe your personal style?

 90 percent of my wardrobe are t-shirts and 40 percent are boy shirts. I love me a hood t-shirt but I like a touch of femininity. For this shoot, the red outfit, I’m wearing men’s red cargo shorts. You’d be surprised how bad you can look when one of your articles of clothing is men’s.  There is something about wearing men’s clothes while they’re trying to holler at you. 


What influences your style?

Comfortability is number one. I don’t give a fuck about looking good, I’m not even presentable most days so if I’m not comfortable at all but look good best believe it’s coming off. But when I am trying to look good I can’t stand to look predictable so I like to pair things you would never think to pair with one another. I’m also influenced by the early 00s but I don’t think my style really reads that except for the effortless and natural aspect that era gave. 


Can you give us an insight into your new EP?

DISRUPT, the title, is like a little intro to me. I touch on how I feel about today’s society such as social injustice and how our generation values social media, money and success. I also talk about how I feel about my career choice and my experience with love. I’m very vocal and have strong opinions so every song is just that on whatever the topic is. My favorite is the Prelude: All I ask is for you to survive. I recorded my mom and auntie preaching to me about public aid and food stamps and really how to survive in this world. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. I cry almost every single time I hear it. DISRUPT took two years to make and I’m so excited to release it!