Watch Dani Isaily's New Video for "Lawless"

A fierce singer/songwriter and Chicago native, Dani Isaily has garnered her following by creating a unique blend of pop, R&B, and badass penmanship. 

"Lawless" is Dani's debut single and music video, and brings more bite than blush. Recorded in LA at Kanye's Good Music studio and produced by Jason Avalos, the song melts between passion and anger to create a sensual and emotional audiovisual experience.

The video was directed by Andre Muir and produced/edited by the all-female collective Verluxe. "Lawless" is written about the age-old question of why we are chosen to love things and people that treat us poorly in return. 

During the video we experience a fight both between Dani and her lover and Dani and herself. You realise as she sings "the love of it, got me wrapped around its hip... I tried to die, I tried to scheme so now I'm mean [but] it's my Lawless dream" that the things we are most passionate about are paired with obstacles and battles but we fight for it and learn lessons that will allow us to determine our own outcome. 

Using a dazzling array of red and green lights, the "Lawless" video is a beautiful piece displaying emotions that are relatable to all viewers. 

This project is part of Dani's debut EP DISRUPT, which is currently set to release in May of 2017. 


Written by: Liv Upstone

Photos by: Tracy Ko